Experimenting – not potting up plants


but taking a plunge or two

I’ve been putting off and putting off making decisions about the five bandstand figures and about various bits of finish for the bandstand itself.  Just mulling it over, you know.  There comes a time when mulling for too long turns it sour and we’ve about reached that here so it’s stick a pin in it time on these two problems.

  • For the figures I’m looking for cartoon figures with various eccentricities but should these include unusual feet and hands or not?
  • For the bandstand – how much should remain white and how overgrown is the rest of it?

Ouch and Splash

(Warning never take the plunge with a pin in your hand)

Have just stuck down an edging of slate blue egg box crazy paving on a background of more greenery/paint and ground cover dust.  This for the horizontal edge around the bandstand in the hope that it will give it a bit of visual grounding/weight while leaving the general white kiosk look.

The heads and shoulders of the five have now come together along with pipe-cleaners for the core of the arms and giving the heads the angle I’d like.

theinfill dolls house blog Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - a Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - new projects - creative paperclay heads and sausage shaped shoulders

These are as dry as two weeks can make them. Was concerned that with exaggerated noses etc that they might fall apart but OK today when handling and threading up with shirring elastic.
Looks like we’ve got some trouble between the hanging ‘tubular bells’ player on the left and the drummer on the right though

(Fanfare please), knowing that I’m dreadful with hands I’ve been doing some deep thinking and had a bandsman’s white gloved hand moment!   Made a try at forming large hands with glove cuffs and a shirt cuff too.  To go with that idea there’s a try-out pair of large boots (to be painted black) with bits of clay as laces and with longish ankles which may or may not become painted/stripey socks.

If they work then there’s another four sets of each to be made and if not there’s just the one set to hide in a box somewhere.  They’re going to take quite a few days to dry out so I’d better move on to the other decisions I’m pretending don’t exist.

Or I could always do that potting up I failed to do today 😉


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