A second swing at it


Paperclay heads

I made another (just like the other) also too fussy and generally mean looking.  Not so much a caricature as a ‘trying too hard’.


to push for roughly average human head shapes but give them exaggerated attributes or try for more unusual head shapes with exaggerated human attributes added thereafter?

Go for the cartoon

Definitely try for more of the second which hopefully will provide less fussiness and a much cleaner line if kept under control.

List of basic starting shapes to experiment with:

  • ovoid
  • triangular
  • pear (up or down)
  • squircle (straight or diagonal)

Not happy with Mr Inverted P but quite like the others and hope they’ll hold together when dry and allow some rubbing down.

Will have another go when can.  At some point the learning process should kick in 😉

[who knew Squircle was a ‘thing’?]


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