What’s brewing?


Once I’d established for myself that I could poddle on with building something I figured it might be safe to do a little investing in material.  A little hoarding started up of the odd room box flat pack and items spotted in charity shops.  I’ve mislaid one and I’m peeved as there were plans for it but perhaps it’ll show up as the digging goes deeper in the Potting Shed.

Time has come for using some of these and my mind is full of plans (at this moment three or four) but there’s a need to try out sample pieces for each to see what might and what mightn’t be feasible.

I need to get a little more ahead of the game before writing about them in detail I think.  What I do have to share is the possible shape of one of the ideas, the box settings for a couple of others and the charity shop purchase setting for a third along with some of their possible raw materials.

Let’s start with the charity shop item and the smaller of the basic room boxes.

1.  Spotted in shop window

theinfill dolls house blog - charity shop purchase

Thought it might make a good bandstand perhaps

Many months way back it became obvious that any attempts by me to model 1:12 dolls would be rough and ready so I’ve decided to use that and have developed a fancy to stretch it to all out caricature using Creative Paperclay.  I find working with the clay very soothing and a good break from sorting and cleaning (and searching!).

A sample bandsman

2.  Going Georgian

A confession

As a teenager I read a lot of Georgette Heyer.  There, I’ve got that off my chest.

Have you ever noticed how many of the dolls you can buy can be made to fit into a Regency type setting?  I came across three absolute corkers for the job and will use a small box setting I think for them.

theinfill dolls house blog - 1:12 figures

Heroine, young Pillar of Society and the Libertine
(or is he?)

The original thought had been to use the above ‘bird cage’ shape for these characters.  I had in mind Vauxhall and Ranelagh Gardens – a booth along  one of the winding pathways perhaps – but then I was overtaken by the urge to do caricature bandsmen.  However, a nice Regency room setting should be fun.

Oh, I do like a nice bit of costume drama.


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