and the main roof


Bulking up a little

Trees and things

Until now there’s been twigs of various sizes strewn across the back and side roof of the main block.  They were balancing there giving a general look.

The time has come for a little more detailing and some fixing I think.

Sea foam, twigs and a bradawl

The modellers sea foam is very brittle and I believe is usually used with leafage added.

Back up the ladder to find all the bits not yet touched up.

theinfill dolls house blog Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - a Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - using sea foam and twigs

Hanging on looking decrepit cantilevered forward to find the missed bits – well at least some of them. Anything I still miss stays that way 😉


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    • Hogepotche Hall is over big but, after just over 5 years I’ve about finished. Some snagging work here and there and some touch ups I failed to do in the first place, then there’s just the internal cleaning and checking and giving the whole thing a new table to stand on. Oh, and there’s the odd cat in the post but they can be added as and when 😉

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