Two hard working young boys need a place to sleep


The second loft sleeping space is for Robert Smyth general house labourer aged 10 years (at present dealing with logs and a large dog in the great hall) and Kit Punt aged 11 years, also general labourer around the Hall but at the moment is in the porch about to knock the hat off a quarrelsome beggar using the handle of his besom broom.

A storage chest

As usual am building bits around and about at the same time whilst the items dry and they all involve this loft space. Their bit of it is also a general storage area for spare items.  It needs the odd chest to store some of the older, small equipment out of the storerooms down below and a corner to push in a spare palliasse or two.

Going for cheap, cheerful and speedy

The chest doesn’t need to open, it just needs to sit there taking up space and look mildly interesting, so I’ve gone for a really cheapskate construction from a cardboard box.  (I bought a bundle of boxes quite some time ago with thoughts of dressing them as really very small mini scenes but haven’t so far got round to it.)


  • take one cardboard box of roughly suitable size in at least one of its dimensions in this case it’s the width (approximately 3”)
theinfill dolls house blog Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - a Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - second loft sleeping space - making a chest

(top left) The box with its lid is far too big but its width is OK without (top right) .
(second row)) The depth needs reducing so chopped it more or less in half from back to front
(bottom photo) and then used a piece of the excess inserted to add another face to the construction and strengthen the shape

  • clad in whatever is lying around that might be suitable – peel off back 1:12 wood flooring is what I’ve got
  • add hinges, catches, strapping if wish – using some more painted paper as iron bits and florist’s wire to indicate some sort of catch

It’s built with one face open (that is it doesn’t have six sides).  It could be useful to have an open face for concealing something such as wiring but so far I don’t think there’s anything more to be hidden up in this area but you never know, so five sided it remains.


Not very finished at the edges where the cladding corner edges meet but I think I can live with it and the lid still looks ‘hairy’ in a comparison with the smooth wood, but so it goes.

Other coloured card today

There is also a doorway at one end (non-opening) to hint at loft space beyond for more items to be kept – presumably someone in the household is sure these things will come in handy someday.

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