Butchery and Game


Creating a setting – first run

Sawdust on the floor and apologies to all vegetarians and vegans.

The contents of this store room could almost be described as an homage to the work of Vanessa Percival of Mini Things  (also what I believe is her Etsy shop or on eBay) as the majority of these items are her handiwork, plus one or two items from other miniaturists.

The items are all beautifully made.  Each of these crafts folk make many other wonderful things besides meat but I’ve been making this particular collection when I could, squirreling them away for when they could be set out in the butchery/game store and, at last, here they are.  (Peering at the grainy photos I reckon that rabbit needs to be moved nearer the fowl?)

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - all three store rooms on this side of building

A long view of all three store rooms on this side so far

What is my work other than the layout and building?  Well I stuck some lolly sticks together and bunged on some legs for the work table and hacked a bit of thickish twig to match the log butcher’s block with the joint of meat that came from Mini Things but this one’s to hold the pile of bones (also from Mini Things).  Oh and the door is more lolly sticks too.

Believe it or not, between bouts of yet more bricklaying I’ve been playing with a relationships/family tree of Hogepotche Hall personnel and their ‘story’.  More of that some other time perhaps.


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