theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - main kitchen

Return to the main kitchen that looks like it’s been used as storage space for the odd off cut of timber.  That whole area in front of the room is where the storage rooms are being built, so it’s 50 cms of table surface before you reach the front edge of the main kitchen.

Been trying to recall why I’d chickened out of finishing the main kitchen room before now seeing as how I started it five years ago.  Once I’d got down to it this time round, I knew.  It’s the distance to reach the back wall combined with the half crouch posture you’ve got to hold whilst doing it.  A real Ooooouch exercise.

Also it would appear that at the time of deserting the scene I’d broken the homemade fire back and not mended it, so it’s been lying around, all dusty and now has chipped edges.  However, now fixed and, after much muttering, it’s sort of in place.  Ditto the newly made log fire and all the rest of it.  A smallish space – a bit of a domino effect disaster area when setting it up.

Time to dress a few dressers but this floor (real slate) is so dark it’s going to have to have something put on it – rushes and/or rush matting here and there?



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