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Making a side table into a linen press

Had a gardening morning and general walk around doing the this and that of life, followed much later on by hiding out in the folds of the internet.

I’d been brooding about a possible linen room for Hogepotche Hall and I’m far too mean to buy a really nice linen press to go in it.  (There’s a couple of sites that I’ve previously come across but I can only locate the two designs from Peartree Miniatures.  The other was from Minibijou in their Tudor furniture section but I can no longer find it.)

Anyway, I started to look up the history of the screw down linen press and came across a photo of a piece of furniture (full size) on an auction site and there was a sudden ‘aha’ moment and connections were made.  As I was looking for some crafty messing about to do that might mean I could skive from the brick laying for a while this might turn into just the thing.

The ‘this’ being the linen press (screw down) with drawers below, and it just so happened that I have about my person a nice little piece of furniture that was currently unemployed.

Could it, with a little of this and that thrown at it, be found a new role in life?

Recipe for a skiver

Take one bedside table

  • ready to hand and too boxy a shape for what I’d originally bought it

Take one piece of balsa dowel

For balsa

  • it carves easily
  • it was the only dowel I had of the right size
Against balsa

  • it carves too easily
  • it snaps at the slightest pressure

Take one fine rat tailed file

  •  resting the balsa and file on a good flat work surface, with the end of both overhanging the edge for ease of movement, keep them continuously at same angle to each other
  • slowly rotate the dowel whilst moving file gently along angle being maintained
  • add a dash of willingness to mess about when you should be doing something else
  • have plenty of dowel ready to play with just in case

The threaded screw was a strange place to start, but I knew that wood joints in any structure I’m involved in were going to be bad, so no extra panic necessary there, and thus the screw part seemed to be the big unknown.

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall - bedside table becomes linen press

Probably more of a lash up than anything else, with suspect joints still drying after which there’s some gentle sanding and filling needed here and there, but here she is ready-ish and loaded.
Except for my usual fumble fingered wood working, I actually quite like this.
(Ah, yes, the plunger bit at the base of the screw attaching it to the ‘face plate’ is a cut down,old fashioned, bell shaped plastic toggle – you know the sort before all these spring-loaded ones came upon us.

And, yes, the screw really did turn through the whole in the head beam, though it certainly doesn’t now ‘cos it’s glued in place everywhere that looks likely for it.

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