A kitchen for busy folk


The general look of Hogepotche Hall

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall – kitchen block in relation to some of the back of Hogepotche Hall

This is where the kitchen block goes whilst above it, over one of the windows of the long gallery the workmen are trying to sort out the storm mess up there (you can just see one of the pulleys top right). On the lower left there’s the inside of the great hall opened up like half an egg. It’s easier to try out the kitchen work so far without the rest of the great hall parked there too.  Mind it has to come back from time to time to make sure the new block isn’t getting too high to clear the overhang (pic below).

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall – overhang of part of great hall

When plotting and planning anything I’ve made so far I usually have had in mind memories of photos, paintings, book illustrations, you know the sort of thing your mental librarian keeps in the archival stacks of your brain.  Early digging around ‘up there’ coming to the fore in July of 2011 Research and Ideas page entry.

Looking at that now I do seem to have clung to all or parts from each of the paintings listed; they must have been deeply wedged in my head as they certainly became the main life raft of the ‘big plan’ 😉  It really is a hodgepodge of a building, picking bits from here and adding others from there.

Storage barns

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall – kitchen premises dressing the walls

Been working on the central long wall in the kitchen quarters whenever I could today. Here’s a bit of the meat and game store back wall and all of the buttery back wall. That wood butchery ‘table’ in the meat bit needs to be a little smaller from back to front edge I think.

The mix-n-match thinking in the kitchen storage block revolved around internal library images of toadstool or staddle barns (a further link here). They’re wonderful aren’t they?  You can see why memories of their shape and general structure came to mind when planning this block, however I chickened out of trying to do the toadstools or stone pillars and instead, in the Hogepotche Hall imaginary universe there’s some spare stone lying around on the site from earlier buildings.  Just enough to be used for a solid raised base.

So far

Two doors short of a pantry

Well a pantry and a dairy. Will get round to them sooner rather than later but at the moment it’s a bit of a production line of cardboard/brick dividing walls and egg box stone floors.theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall – window opening screen - oven chip tray

One side only on the door furniture front.  They will be fixed in open position so what happens round the back of them stays around the back of them – what we can see is all I’m giving.

That stiffened hessian window screen I blathered on about some little time back has become a double layer of pieces of oven chip tray (bought mine from Poundland).  This appears to be an even weave stiffened scrim (not unlike the cotton army ones) or similar.  Whether the screens will be the same is still in question.  I do find the pre-woven idea handy but it would possibly look better on the diagonal?  Less prison-like?  I could have made wood strip ones for all of them by now if I’d stop the messing about 😉



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