Gone dark out there


and in here

Day 2 (yes 2)

Where’d the sun go?

theinfill dolls house blog - Hogepotche Hall

Mess in the gloom

It’s time to take a break from the building and make whatever I can of the things I reckon each kitchen space will need. Buckets and tubs.

Déjà vu?

Yes I’ve done some cardboard ones before – a sort of bad cross between origami and lacquer work.  (For clearer description try “Ten minute cardboard tub” and the two posts following it.)

Decided to try a different method for this next clutch and am working from the instructions laid out in A Tudor Style Bathtub – DIY Web Exclusive Project  on Dolls House Miniatures website.

I followed the principles of the article and made some adjustments for size and personal preference.

This is the story so far:

A Tudor Style Bathtub Items for Hogepotche kitchen
parcel tape cardboard inner
as core
postal tubes (two sizes)
for cores
coffee stirrers as wooden staves 1.5 – 2 mm thick balsa cut in strips
as staves
a camembert box
for base
2 mm card scored for a planking look for base
a camembert box sides for hoops using thin card strips painted up
as hoops
stick bottom on after wood strips in place stick base on before staves

And then I sort of took flight with the ideas from the online magazine, trying out various ‘what ifs’ and generally experimenting a little.  From the article illustrations I think the staves have been cut to the length/depth of the inner, possibly slightly longer(?) can’t see clearly, so I played about with that thought.

(The edge doesn’t matter to the bath being made in the article as its edge is hidden by a fabric liner.)

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall – mix of homemade tubs

End of session results drying. Tub lying down has glaze in it and the plan is to have it tipped over by a gulley in scullery

What brought on this activity?

Day 1 (the beginning of it)

The inventory

On bad light days, sorting seems a good idea.

There have been things put by for the kitchen premises, but I’d only the haziest memory of what had accumulated.

But this hoard is why I chose to do the kitchen areas last.  It was always going to be one of the most expensive to try to dress in style as it were: so many bits and pieces, from plates, jugs and bowls to chickens, cats and broken eggs, cloths, casks, carcasses, bones and cheeses.  And it takes time to gather, so I’ve been gathering.

Spread about a bit

theinfill dolls house blog - Hogepotche Hall

Boxed by room and in one drawer!

For a start the furniture from the original run of the kitchen setup was in one box with the odd, later things stacked on top for ‘safe keeping’.  Most of the pots, pans, plates, food stuffs were in the middle drawer of a three-drawer stack on the opposite side of the room and all boxed according to size, whilst other bits were stored in the other drawers, with the very small items such as keys and a bit of glassware.

What’s in there

And other stuff too.

Well, would you look at that?  It would seem that there has been a fair stuffing away of goodies.

Not everything hoarded away can be used as there’s far too much for one project and some of it’s not suitable – slipware, some of the veg?.  Definitely need to make self be selective.

Most items are second hand from eBay with a few new added in.  Also I adore the work of Mini Things and tried to buy as many items as I could manage when they came up for sale on eBay.  Have you seen the quite, quite amazing details of the Mini Things charcuterie table on sale at the moment (early June 2016) or visited the full website?  The Tudor page on her main website is one of my favourite haunts. There are pieces too from other favourite online sellers such as My Tiny World, Ashwood Designs and Oaktree Miniatures.

What will need buying

I’m trying to make as many of the ‘missing’ things as I can but I don’t reckon I can make fish or useful vegetables so I’m window shopping for these at the moment.  But ultimately it’s all about a general look rather than a tick-list of what’s absent.

Still to make

We’re missing a butcher’s bench, a number of wall shelves and possibly a table along with hooks for meat and bundles of veg, hanging herbs and the odd sack for storage.  Think probably have all materials to hand.

Day 3

Still dark in here.  Off now to set up some more lighting in the Potting Shed and drive on with the body of the kitchen – when I’ve finished faffing with buckets and tubs, that is 😉

Back down the rabbit hole.


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