When in a hole, stop digging


Mumblings plus a light-bulb moment
from the newly dug hole

I get tremendous enjoyment and mental stimulation from working with miniatures but do make so many messes through lack of experience and skill and a sadly wandering concentration.

So what do I usually do about it?

Possible action

Estimated frequency

re a project

re a method

1.     Give up on the project or method entirely



2.     Start again on exactly same job or method



3.     Push on and see if its retrievable as is



4.     Experiment with what’s at hand and see what it becomes before actioning one of above



Not sure that the reasoning for these percentages quite work but I think you’ll get the picture.
It’s about a head down and keep digging attitude.

Trying a carve-up

After this morning’s gardening I went into the ‘Potting Shed’ (nothing to do with potting or gardening) for a session of mini-ing and with my mind set on hacking off the painted card (see yesterday’s sorry tale).  I looked at it and at last the penny dropped.  What could be the worst that could happen if I didn’t rip it all off but had a go at carving in the bricks into the painted surface?

  • Well, if it went totally pear-shaped it would be harder and messier to get the card off once it was in little pieces
  • The pressure of the knife might muck up the whole wall and it would all have to be started over

Ah, well, same old same old.  Don’t get me wrong, I would be sorely miffed if it was a re-do entirely, but on the up-side I might get it more or less right next time(?)  Beside which, on the scale of life the universe and everything what’s to lose?

Not what you’d call much of a technique

I merrily started out with the ruler, knife, pencil and crochet hook to see what could be done. The very fine crochet hook is for cleaning out the waste card between newly carved out bricks.  The horizontals were simple enough when spacing had been measured:  one straight line at right distance and an angled free hand line above and below it to give the brick a wobble edge.  The verticals were done as Xs but a little more irregular and egg-timer shaped then the crochet hook was run along where needed.  Rough and ready but seemed OK.

Only problem was with hands clenched on knife and crochet hook, the whole thing suddenly looked to be a very large white area to be playing with either as a piece of carving or if done correctly with cut out brick shapes.  What had I been thinking about when I believed I’d calculated the probable number I’d need when I was planning this?

Hang on.  Why is there elbow-room for me and the ruler on this wall surface?
Because most of the timber has not yet been added.  Mumble, mumble and aha.  (Was that a second light-bulb?)

Tremendous difference – marked up timber positions cuts down the brickwork to be created a lot.  Will continue and see if final result is OK.  It’ll keep me out of mischief.

Getting concerned that one corner of the wall is becoming a little wavy with the over handling but will keep an eye on it.

Off for a slow walk in the sun – lovely.


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