Just a quick ‘hello’


Spring moves into summer

Preparing for the new

Time of year for tidying up on the site and I find I’m in a holding formation again this afternoon so here I am next to the phone once more.  (Perhaps I should explain the phone business – there’s no mobile signal around here. You want the phone, you need to baby-sit it. )

Attempts at rationalisation

As Hogepotche Hall winds itself to an ending of sorts during the next few months, it’s time to tidy up its menu items under that title in the top menu so that I can make room for new projects.

So this is what we’ve got now .

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall – crocheted figures in mini scenes - new menu under Hogepotche Hall

I think it’s fairly self-explanatory.

I’ve not actually destroyed any of the pages but bundled them together under a project name of Hogepotche Hall.   The new menu has subs with headings for the various floor levels with pop-outs of their own too.  Apologies for all those not in UK who don’t count floor levels in the same way, but I’m sure it’ll all working out to some form of logic. 


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