A breath of fresh air – not a photo in sight


Probably due to all the dust being raised

This is about the ongoing job that takes up more time than any of the stuff that does get photographed.

There are sessions when mini activity becomes stodgy and slows down and I tend to worry that I’m running out of steam and thus become a little up-tight.  The more likely cause (and I’ve found this to be the case every time so far) is that I’ve been working away in such a determined style that I’ve not straightened things out enough after each step.

I clean away and restore most things after sessions but some bits from a job get left behind.

You know what I mean, don’t you?  I’ve cut card but not cleared away all the off-cuts in case there’s more:  eg I’ve prepped window shapes but might the door need to be the same material?  So, there some of the pieces will lie, neatly stacked, but clogging up the thinking and working space and, ultimately not every bit makes it all the way home even when the decisions have been made and they’re no longer needed.  Long sentence but I suspect you might have experienced this tale for yourself, perhaps?

Eventually there comes a moment the working frenzy has to be slowed down and a machete and a sweeping brush need waving around to hack a way back to some better order and a clearer view of life in general.

Ah – now you can breathe more easily.  This helps relax the brain and buys more clarity and forward thinking time.

By the end of the clearance exercise not only is there more elbow room but there’s a sharper, more defined perspective on the whole job and where it’s supposed to be going.  Everything is re-energised, some redesigning of your layout has been achieved (possibly leading to ‘missing’ some items later and finding some things refiled last time) but it was such fun to do and the ‘lost’ will be found – they’ll turn up some time too.  Won’t they?

And I do so enjoy sorting.


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