Joining up the bits of the saga so far


A long time ago – at Hogepotche Hall’s beginnings

Not an elegant title but the heading serves its purpose very well today as this is where a three to four and a half year-old roof finally gets its last tiles.

Why only now?

Because I can’t run away from it any longer?

Sometime between autumn 2011 and summer 2013 the great hall extension block was built and brought up to today’s appearance, more or less.  (The next question is how could I leave it that long, I know, I know.)

At that time I hadn’t got a clear picture of how it would look (and join) the main block at roof-level.  I only knew where it had to go geographically as it were.

I’d like to be able to say I’m a little wiser with the passing of time and all the intervening fiddling about but really it’s more a case of a solution had to be found – now or never and the main block had achieved its finished height at last.  So roofing and ridge tiles, and missing roof bits it is then.

What’s been left unfinished

Lots of edges, lots of horrible gaps needed sorting and working on too before the tiling could be done plus, round the other side there was a removable section of roofing not yet made to cover the separate electrics for the extension.

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall – long view of back of Great Hall extension 2016

Here’s a longer view of the back roof of the great hall extension and guild meeting room now the roofing is finally on.  The ridge tiles on the removable roof on the left are bits of tiling rolled and glued so that they overhang the join to the rest of the roof slope when the section is in place.

Better check that those electrics are still operating – last checked about two months ago, I think.  Then back to the main block’s bits and pieces.


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