Thanks for the memory


(Thanks for the memory)

Though what I’ve done with it I couldn’t say.  I put it down somewhere.

Fitting Great Hall extension to the main building once more

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - Hogepotche Hall –Hodgepodge Hall – Great Hall extension with feet

Where was I?
(Should have fitted this with wing mirrors)

Offering it up to the main block


Muddy mind waking to a duh moment

Small break and a ray of light, or perhaps I finally woke up.  Who knows?

Owning up – a lowering saga

Moved extension to adjust edge and instead of the two sections being aligned at the edges, they became overlapped with the extension inside the main block edge.

And discovered a flash of lost memory – oh boy!  Had already made a reasonable fit months ago when I started looking into this job.

Unfortunately since then busy bee me had built the chimney on the long gallery on the other side of the extension and failed to take into account the newer developments in alignment when judging the size of said chimney.  Aha, what’s that I hear you say?  Can’t hear you, I’ve got my fingers in my ears and am singing loudly.

An easier fix

Talk about lucky.  The problem at other side is easier to solve than the messy and cluttered job I was doing on the outer.  By cutting back the mock stone strip at the top it should fit around the chimney edge at the bottom.

However it still won’t quite meet the chimney because one strip of brickwork sticks out too much at the bottom

It hasn’t dried yet, but will report back when I find out what other mess I’ve got myself into.

Further adjustment

The fitting of a plaster bracket painted brown on the outer face looks odd all by itself so perhaps there should be another on the other side of the top of the window.

Any more for any more?

Some alterations had to be made to the outer side bits which I’d started hacking when I thought that a new wood stone strip was going to be needed.

Solution to help muddy brain?

  • Q:  Should I have made better notes?
  • A:  Well, commonsense says yes, (and I had) but finding them is  problematic I reckon, even when I pin them to the noticeboard or stick them to the walls.
  • Q:  Have I now got the solution?
  • A:  Sorry, really don’t know that one, but I think I’m sticking with it.



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