Telling the tale via thumbnail


Using the roof as a ‘room’ setting

A bit of a ramble

‘Cos there’s lots of elements

Adding the props

Did I ever talk about making a couple of block and tackle type bits for the builders on the roof?  Can’t recall nor find a page to match but here is a not quite engineering-ly workable construction wrapped around and through one of the double chimney stacks so that I can hang the two single blocks and ropes.  One rope will be to the man on the ridge and the other is being hauled by the big boss.

 Getting in some practice 😉

So I went up my little ladder to collect the pulleys, having tried them out in place, and dropped one on the floor.  Yes it was inevitable – I stepped on it as I got down.  Goal!

It’s good to practice what you’re good at.

Smashed it top and bottom and have just reconstructed the sadly shattered thing, unfortunately making it bulkier in the process so now it hangs a little too low on the roof slope.  Hey-ho.

I was bringing them down again in order to stitch the ersatz rope into position as it has no real weight and flops all over the place, looking limp and aimless hanging there.

They’re made out of balsa pieces, very light-weight but it’s about the only wood I can work into shapes.

Things have been added:

  • broken bricks and brick pillar
  • little hut shape as cover to wiring down wall with door giving imaginary access to ruined attic room
  • tree and branches and leaves
  • saw horse with logs and piles of detritus
    • ah the saw horse – Steve made it for me!  It’s very steady and ideal size for the job too, I’ve just got to distress it and re-stain the wood
  • item on pulleys
  • three workers working
  • lots of tree bits etc

There, that’s my weeks-worth.

To do:

Seem to be missing any evidence of broken wall (ie loose bricks) and also loose tiles.  Perhaps I should do something about those and give the guys the odd handyman equipment in their belts and the odd broom should be lying around too.

Meanwhile I rather like this photo

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - theinfill dolls house blog – man on ridge hauling on rope

And oh, must do something about that gable end just behind this guys bum.



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