Well, a couple of foot wraps a-piece

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - theinfill dolls house blog – leather shod with wrap pattern footwear

Three in a mushroom box – all ready to climb back on the roof

I’ve been resistant to doing the footwear for these three characters.  Laziness and they either work for me or they don’t.  But they had to be done, so today I drew out a shape that may or may not work as a general foot wrap, depending on size and applied it to the three shoeless ones.  I’m ashamed to say you can certainly tell that I was very resistant to doing them!  Though it’s just possible that I might get a workable pattern out of this experiment 😉

Using the try-out pattern on all three but in two different sizes

Using the same pattern on the boss I’ve wrapped the front pieces over the top of the toe piece.  The toe piece and the sides of the foot that it makes were fixed down before the ankle side pieces and the edges were tucked under the foot and then the ankle bits came over the top.  Added to that is a little detail bar of leather and some thread ties.  Looks better than the pull on bootee slippers.

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - theinfill dolls house blog – stage 5 for foot wrap footwear different method

Looking a little more footwear-like than the others perhaps?  Well, at least his right foot does – his left foot not so much.

There’s a pattern in there somewhere, I just need to do some more on other unsuspecting dolls.

Have a good weekend and all the very best this lovely mixed up spring.



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    • You’re v kind. V many thanks 🙂 I love the houses you renovate.
      At present trying out my v bad woodwork in the making of this and that for the three workers to use. What a shambles!

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