Walking the road edge day


We live in the countryside, quite a bit of it is a National Park.  Usually if we go for a walk around and about we pick up what litter catches our eye here and there.  It still builds up when you’re not looking so there are times we all need to do ‘catch up’.

Yesterday was “Litter Pick Sunday” in our area, in which a group of locals don bright yellow waistcoats, pick up black bags and metal grabs and go out to clean up the verges each side of the road for a length of about 6 – 7 miles.  We did our allocated stretch early on, finding the usual chuck outs of cigarette ends, bottles (glass and plastic), cans, bits of vehicle (some large), paper cups and food trays, snack packets, polystyrene (though less of that this year) and yes, used tissues and wipes in various states too.  Lovely.  Enough of that.

Pleasant pickings

Our early session left us with time later to shoot off for fresh fruit and veg in a local town including a rummage around in Lidl where I found the following in their chuck out basket.

I’m thinking about lots of things for these, all in a twentieth century setting:  possible wall covering, cushions, bedspreads, upholstery generally, linings and stiffenings … and I promise not to chuck the packaging out of the car window when I pass your way 😉


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