Mayhem amongst unused treasures


The things that come to hand

Between minor aging wobbles (repetitive strain and rocky back), cloudy grey days (poor light for working), unwilling computer (like wading through mud) and the final blow of no electricity at all whilst the telegraph poles are being renewed, this is the first chance there’s been to say “hi” this week.

Back to the story and away from the model

There are jobs to be done on the house which I’ll report on when they are done.  Meanwhile I’m taking a break and having a go with the figures needed for this section of the build.

Workmen on the damaged roof – decisions

Follow original idea and keep the outdoor folk homemade, very rough and ready or cater for my own comfort (see note re hands and back above) and rummage around and see who is lurking amongst the treasures in the bought in figures drawer.  Um … figures in hiding it is. I do love a good rummage around – I forget what’s where sometimes.

In this case it’s three or four female figures, a couple of identical Heidi Ott bendy grandpas and two fellas.  In fact excluding the Heidi Otts, most of the figures (male or female) have one major thing in common.  They were all bought at a time when I looked for faces to go with the jobs in mind and didn’t pay enough attention to body bendiness and I’m looking for at least one agile and bendy builder.  What I’ve got in stock won’t do other than for an upright tray-holding butler as they’re solid structures from the top of their heads to about waist level or slightly lower. The alternative is a troupe of bendy grandpas on the roof which I don’t fancy.

I do like ‘active’ figures.

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - theinfill dolls house blog – previous active figures homemade and bought

Previous active figures homemade and bought. Left to right: for clambering on the edge of the minstrel gallery in Great Hall; breaking up a fight outside the window of the porch; the fight over dole bread outside the porch

Why not buy new?

Well I could but I’m lazy and as these guys, here already and gathering dust in the drawer, need employment sometime, now’s probably as good a time as any.

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - theinfill dolls house blog – adapting a bought in figure 1

“May I introduce my imaginary friend?” Shortened figure sitting astride a paint scraper with the previous long lower legs to the right

I started messing around with one young man and generally hacked him about causing desperate destruction in order to release his head.  Also I’ve shortened the pipe cleaners in both arms and legs and taken away the legs he came with, giving him shorter, sturdier ready-made lower legs that were lying around spare in the same drawer. (How does one end up with more legs and hands than heads and bodies?)

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - theinfill dolls house blog – adapting a bought in figure 1b

Beginnings of ‘Young Man Amongst the Roses’ in the Great Hall

The original legs of the newer figure are ideal for posing in knee breeches – not unlike the young man amongst the white roses to the left here.  Surely he’s from the same mould?

More of the havoc and mayhem

The other ‘make-over’ treatment is on a young girl.  You can find her on almost any site that has basic characters.  She’s usually clothed as a maid in black dress, white apron etc.

Here I’ve chopped off her top-knot, flattened and cut the remaining hair and changed the colouring of the mouth and face a little to make her into him – a bit of a page boy/apprentice look.  The whole figure has been shortened at the legs, making it boxier and the hands have been re-attached as their pipe cleaners had totally given up any supportive role whilst travelling in the post many, many months ago.  Not sure whether this one will get used.

Trying them out on the roof

I’ve enjoyed the destruction and transformations but now I’ve got to push on and keep my head down to make something further of them.  Unsure whether any of this is really going to work but I’ll get them dressed and have another look-see.


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