The scent of fresh pastures


Down from on high

Thank goodness I’ve broken out of the cycle of roof and more roof.  Now (at least for a wee while) it’s walls – to be precise the three remaining missing fourth walls.

Usual procrastination disguised as necessity

They’ve been a put-off for quite some time; part of the excuse was that it would be better to decide on their overall look when the roof was more complete, but really most of the shilly-shallying can be covered by the phrase “painted self into a corner and set problems that needed solving” kind of tale.

Feeling less stressed re roofing and all that up and down ladder stuff, solutions for the missing outer walls sort of came upon me, nonchalantly sidling up to my one remaining brain cell without a care in the world and whispering in my ear.  I’m not saying these are the “be all and end all” of answers to the problems, but simplest is probably best, and on a good day I can sometimes manage simple.


Fourth walls needed to close off each of the three rooms – each hopefully will be an interference fit into their given space.

The red bedroom unit (just about still removable:  YES!)
is taller than the schoolroom on the left of the attic facade.

Schoolroom with owl in the rafters

 (The two rooms ‘frame’ the centrally placed boy’s bedroom with the girl chucking slops out of the window.  She’s a fixture within the interference fit of this central attic bedroom fourth wall.)

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - theinfill dolls house blog – boy's bedroom with girl and slop bucket

Click here for detail inside the boy’s bedroom and here for images of the girl in the fourth wall inside and out

Although the red bedroom gable is taller than the schoolroom I fancied keeping the windows the same size and at the same height which leaves a larger gable wall area above on the bedroom that will take some considering.

All as clear as mud?  Well this is what I’ve got so far.

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - theinfill dolls house blog – fourth closing wall cut to fit in 2 mm card

Have cut a couple of 2-3 mm card pieces to act as the central core to each fourth wall.
Need to cut the window holes for the red bedroom on the right next.

Both rooms will probably be a whitewash finish on the internal face with beam work here and there.    There’s still a little edge wood strip trimming needed on the bedroom roof edge and possibly a little tiling too (aaargh!), but only a little bit.

Third fourth wall

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - theinfill dolls house blog – long gallery needs a closing fourth wall

Opening that needs a fourth wall to ‘match’ the window wall next to it. Will probably only put a double panel window in it though.
Lots of trimming and cleaning up needs doing here before any fitting and cutting can be done.

The long gallery wall needs to match its sisters, so most, if not all its décor, both in and out, are pretty much pre-selected with paneling and lots of moulding. A lengthier job, all in all.  Have got the card cut to size and a window shape hacked into it but am still sorting out all the rough and tumble of trims and waiting for things to dry on what were raw edges, now cleaned 🙂


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