Concentrate, concentrate


On with the ridge tiles and managed to keep the red bedroom removable but it was a close thing as I almost stuck a tile right across the gap/break line.

Overcome by a flight of fancy

To celebrate doing one run of the ridge I’ve added a touch of whimsy.  Under the impulse of see one buy one about a year or so ago I bought two Angel Shelf Sitters from Dolls House Emporium with no very clear idea of where they were going to be used (if at all).  Today they found a home.

Angel amongst the chimney pots

There’s one thing about ridge tiles that I just can’t ‘tame’.  They will not lie down, never mind how hard you fold, flex and bend them, or how tacky the glue may be, or how often you press and smooth into place.  You turn your back and some edge or corner will have lifted and be merrily waving at you.  Must move on to the other run of this ridge but this time concentrate on keeping a sharper eye on their antics.


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