End of gardening weather and back to the ‘works’


Indoors once more

Too cold for gardening and still waiting on bits to finish off the layout, i.e. dwarf tree and replacement fencing.  But back mini-ing on the model – finished the last big chimney and clad the cupola. Yes, I really did after nattering on about it for long enough.

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - the infill dolls house blog – 3rd big chimney stack, egg box bricks

That last big chimney stack is more or less done and dusted. It was going to overlap onto and into the roof area (bottom left-ish gap in tiles) but have decided against it and now am going to have to fake in or cover up the space.

That there incomplete garden bed

Looking as though someone has thoughtfully scattered a packet of children’s sweeties, all the spring blooms are trying to have a good go whilst the weather and the snails allow.  There are also dwarf blue Sisyrinchium bits here and there, which I’m hoping will take and bulk up a little, looking like clumps of grass when not in flower along with clumps of dwarf black grass (Mondo, I think) which have small purple flowers too.  Hopefully the dwarf Scabiosa Pincushion blue will come through and do it’s bit a little later on, overlapping with the primrose family autumn re-flowering.  It’s such a small area out there that even the garden is a mini-ing job when it comes to planting.


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