The spring has sprung


and the soil is a little warmer

Coming up fast on five years ago, I wrote a little number entitled “Sites that keep me going”  (It’s in the Miniature Beginnings menu at the top of the page headed Great Sites and shows a few of the sites that keep my feet on the ground when my head’s full of hot air.

Time to own up to a few more

I’m skiving, busy stressing my aging joints with a little gardening and rearranging of the flower beds at the moment.  We fancy another mini apple tree in one of them but that means all the tall plants I had in place to try to theinfill dolls house blog - sites that keep me goingcreate a cottage garden look have to be cleared out and re-situated one way or another.  Reason?  Short tree, low hanging fruit, tall flower stalk equals little mouse ladder – and that all goes together to create fruit eaten all the way round looking like a cartoon of an apple.

It’s good to step back from all that chimney and roof work and try to gain a little more perspective on the whole shebang and actually spend time out in your actual sunshine and fresh air.  Just for a change you understand – it can be a bit of a shock to the system around these northern parts.

To cover my sneaking off to pastures greener here, with the intro from the last list produced, is a table of some additions to keep us all going.

Despite being cack-handed in every possible sense, I do enjoy a good pore/paw over the ‘proper job’.

I have listed here, in no particular order, some of the many sites that refuel my mind and give birth to ideas and methods of work.  That sounds really stuffy but what I mean is, instead of finding so much expertise on display depressing it really gives me the boost I need to get my backside moving.”

Six of information and history

If, by some strange coincidence, you are like me and get embarrassed walking around other people’s houses (even stately homes) then these two sites might suit you too.  They have on their ‘books’ all sorts and periods of rooms, houses and locations that you might not otherwise come across other than in a movie or on the TV as they may not be open to the public.  I love them to bits and have spent many a happy moment or two tiptoeing through them.

An information page on the Peartree Miniatures site (mentioned in previous list) with information and photos of areas of a town house in north Wales built around 1580.

There are links to a catalogue of photos and pages of drawings and commentary regarding period furniture.  I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent overall browsing on this site – days and days probably.

Love this site – it covers lots of different periods of history and varied locations that I’m often too lazy to go dig about for.

Another site I enjoy very much.  Not sure that it’s still current but I visit it quite often to look at the images and read the pieces.

Six of Miniatures

What can I say about all of these sites?  Some I’ve mentioned before but they all still take my breath away.  (I make no apology for including links to two sections of Tim Sidford’s work I couldn’t choose which page to link to.

All the work is exquisite and remarkable on each of these sites and the examples of older houses (National Trust list of dolls houses, though who decides which is the best I’m not sure) are remarkable too – how do they keep them so clean and dust free, by the way?

There are many, many more sites out there, some I manage to add to Bookmarks, some I save pages to file.  You must know hundreds more too.  So many things to look at and so little time to do it in.  Hey ho.

Have fun and stay out of mischief 🙂 and I’ll keep on with the gardening.


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