Notes from the brickworks


The third tall chimney stack

theinfill - Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog – painted egg box strips for brickwork

More egg-box strips of varying widths prepped and ready to go – still probably not quite enough of the extra wide to be cut into squarish shapes, I suspect. 
I’ve taken to sealing the colouring once dry and before cutting up at all and then sealing them again when bricks or whatever are glued in place prior to pointing.  That seems to have cured the tendency for the paint etc to bleed into the grout – aha take that naughty bricks.

What’s going on

Briefly emerged from the egg box brick factory (for just a moment) and shall soon begin to add the ridge tiles.  How soon?  Well, the list of jobs in the way is not as short as I’d like.

Writing these notes

In planning what to ‘show and tell’ (whenever I actually make a serious plan) it’s often a mix of whatever photos I’ve remembered to take in the heat of experimentation and making, and what further works need doing at the time of beginning the blog entry.

Present list:

  • Cupola – needs seating properly and its sides dressing
  • Ridge tiles – all of them
  • Wiring to be covered by flat roof areas – should be quick-ish job, once got cardboard fit accurate enough (don’t giggle)
  • Removable chimney face section (chimney stack 2) – ditto re quick-ish and the fitting
  • Flat roof balustrades – longer job though elements are mostly prepped
  • Frontages for left, right front attic rooms and long gallery side arm – combined they are the longest job and are still hanging around ‘cos I keep putting them off
theinfill - Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog – keeping open room areas clean

Meanwhile there’s a lot of sweeping up needed to keep these open areas a little cleaner than they might be otherwise. I’ve tried covering with plastic etc but find I like to use the open edges for resting rulers and pencils. Asking for trouble? Well, probably.

All of the above listed are still hovering over my shoulder, making little squeaky noises, trying to grab my attention, so, as I ramble on through the next of the tasks I’ll try and pay a visit to some bits of these other jobs too.

Am hoping that when they are done (well the roof area bits) it might be a good moment to indulge in playtime and, at last, add the roof debris, builders gang activity etc that belong up there.  It will make a welcome change for sure.

Not quite a Henry V moment but I’ll go for a rallying cry nevertheless and wave the banner for the ‘charge’, so once more unto the ladders, old one, and close up the gaps with our painted cardboard!  We are undefeated by egg boxes!


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