The look of the whole outfit


Mishmash, havoc and deep thoughts

Now’s the time to bring all the existing parts together and see if it’s possible to get them to fit and match a little more. Starting with the chimneys/pots.

There are a lot – a possibility of six or eight and it would be good if there was some homogeneity or at the very least that they looked as though they belonged to the same universe.

I’m on a search for the ideal set of pots: detailed brick surfaces, with some height, not too bulky, give a taste of the period(s) the house covers and that don’t take over the scene.

Pots so far:

  • There are two lovely captain pots already set in place, bought from Romney Miniatures, adorning the top of the Great Hall extension. However, my building techniques, being as rough as they are (and they were even worse back then) these superb pots don’t look comfortable perched where they are. It’s not just the badly finished, top-heavy chimney itself which does need fiddling with, it’s also to do with my version of 1:12 which is a little smaller than the proper one – more like 1:14 or 1:15, and so it doesn’t suit these particular pots.
  • For the chimney built on the left side of the house I extended and altered two plain, stubby ones and attempted extending and decorating them with lace to get something a little like a Tudor(ish) style. In comparison to the above two these look shabby, totally undersized and Dalek like – totally the wrong shape.

Judgement time

First photos:

The captain pots are beautifully detailed, but in a particular way, their shape being very evocative of the Tudor period and I do love them. But that’s more to do with ownership than practicality for this job.

I’ve a hankering for the sort of detail that makes the chimneys look as though they are built from bricks, and would rather exchange that for all the lovely moulded detailing of the captain pots. I could scratch in brickwork patterning but I think it would be over-egging the pudding and they’re just too big for where they are.

Second group:

Not a lot of blending going on at the moment, such a mix and match of scale and style – there’s a danger of it looking like a chimney pot emporium.  One style is going to have fit all.


Shabby styling – turned to all home-dressed ones whilst adding a little more umph by way of detail and height.

Scale and Detail – bought in plainer ones that are taller and straighter than the lace dressed ones – adapted them one way or another (no lace!) so they look more ‘homemade’ and added (rather wobbly and rough) brick detail.

The captain pots have been carefully removed and stored – well at least part of them 😦

Don’t know if the new ones are the ideal answer but they will all mostly look the same, are a scale that fits in better and, compared to the lace ones these do actually look like chimneys.  Must get on with the others.

Meanwhile in other news

Like some last-minute dress fitting for that very special occasion, there are areas that need adjusting in the ‘final fit’ which I’ve been putting off for months and months, but the time has come and there can be no more excuses.

There is an older, removable section (made some time ago and representing an earlier period of the imagined history of the building) which, when parked with the main block, leaves gaps which need to be infilled at roof level and down the outer walls. Hopefully when done they will look more like one joined up building but the movable section will still be movable. However, the really important thing is that its position will determine the footprint available for the kitchen and allied storage accommodations, so the full fitting for its resting place is going to be essential before more can be built.

It’s a long think job but I’ve had a number of ideas that I want to ponder over and find the simplest one, if possible. More on this much later.

I do so like puzzles 😉


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