Chunky house in need of a little uplift


Less with the pancake
– more with aspiration

All the time I’ve been muddling through for a roof the model’s chunky solidity has been bothering me.  All much too flat-looking by the time the tiles are reached.  Partly to do with the jetting top-heavy feel and partly just the size of the whole thing.

At the end of last year I decided on a gamble.  What about a cupola or two to add a little upward lift to the appearance?

This rash idea was rather worrying:  a) don’t know how to make a cupola; b) nothing is square and by the time you reach the roof you can see how far out everything is.

Well, can only try and have a look at what we get.

First attempt

(click on an image to view full caption in gallery mode and reach link to larger image – below right of gallery image)

Having a vague recollection on how to make a Cardinal’s hat (though I can’t remember why) I figured that it might be possible to fiddle around in cardboard for the shape.  Was dispirited by the result and didn’t keep any photos of it then.

Totally put aside the idea – well almost, but kept trying it out in place and mumbling about it.

Needs must

Now I’ve reached the point of ‘do we have cupolas or don’t we’ because they would need to go in before the two outer attic bay roof tile areas are started.

Give it another try


Still not made

The second pair of shapes are a good deal better than the first but am unsure whether I find the ‘look’ of all three OK because I’ve become used to them or whether they look bad all round.  Need to stand back for a while and cogitate some more perhaps.

It might help if I tried out the lettering balustrade across the frontage too so we can get a look at the whole ensemble, as it were.  When done I’ll photograph and post.  Off to do that now.  Well, after lunch maybe 😉


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