Matching up the unmatchable


Lots and lots of prep

The last week has been spent on fitting and matching various areas of roofing in order to hide the joins as it were, then I should be able to work on the tiling. There’s still one part of the front attic that is completely removable (the Red Bed room) and, although I’ve made the roof of that fit in with the fixed sections I have been foolishly forgetting its independence and sticking bits where they should not be stuck.

My last bloomer was over a piece of paper ‘lead’ flashing which I’ve now ripped off and I’ve taken the whole room out of the way until the other areas are more sorted so that, for the moment, I can’t do that again so easily. Therefore for anyone interested in the geography of the model, nearly all the photos below are all taken with the Red Bed room missing.  – see photo below for evidence of ripped off paper.

Putting on the Tile

There’s only so much tiling you can do at one time but I do enjoy using these Versi tiles.  They are good to handle, very adaptable and easy to cut and mark.  Even when you wipe off excess glue (and being me there are slatherings of it) any colouring that comes off just adds to the variations of what’s there already.

The only down sides so far are wear and tear on the knees working up a ladder and the mess of sticky bits on the blades of the scissors.

Tomorrow other slopes.  I’ve just ordered more tiles!




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