Re-energised and back to work


But starting from the ‘wrong end’ as usual

We’re heading towards roofing shapes for the whole attic but in order to reach that point the central room at the back of the model has to be worked on. This has to happen from the inside out, in that order.

The Room

I see it as having been another bedroom that has been damaged by storm or a previously un-recorded meteorite strike or something of that nature. The roof is damaged and the whole of the insides are now being renovated. Workers on this mayhem are the only human figures on the attic level. There’s a plasterer in the room and I think there’ll be, at least one fellow working on the roof; possibly two.

The room is a closed space. The door is non-opening and the only point of view will be through the hole in the wall and another in the roof on this side. Oh, and it would help if you are at least 5 ft 4 ins tall too, otherwise it’s going to be a booster step job to see inside.

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean 1:12 dolls house blog - the infill dolls house blog – the plasterer

Lovely tash but doesn’t do it for me, I’m afraid.

In the room with there’s a kneeling figure who has appeared before.  This poor man has been hoicked out of his other job as Pigeon Boy and is now doing the plastering in the damaged room. Whatever job he does he has to do it (as far as I’m concerned) with his head down and his back turned mostly away from the viewer. Why? Because, lovely as he is, he has what I see as an Edwardian or 1930s moustache, as you can see moulded as part of his face. I did try to give him a beard to go with but it was horrible.  His desperately young mush looked as though he had borrowed his big brothers whiskers.  So there he is in this self-effacing job about to be entombed within the room.


The plasterer is going to need the tools of his trade, or at least some of them. I figured he needed a tub of plaster, possibly a hod and, although I don’t know if they used metal plaster floats at that time for smoothing the surface, I’m making one of them too.

The figure himself is already in a useful kneeling position so the tools need designing/making and I need to find a better way of gluing implements into his hands.

On the up side, I’ve already got a tub of about the right size as I made one when fiddling around with cardboard to see if I could do some home-made buckets.

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean 1:12 dolls house blog - the infill dolls house blog – plastering hod 2

And on top the clothes pegs supporting it are in danger of setting in with the wood filler and gloss mix 😉

An aside

Holding an object

I mentioned earlier that I’ve never succeeded with getting bought figures to satisfactorily clutch items using any of the glues I’ve got. In the end they have either been sewn into position or the gluing has included sticking the item to the clothing at the wrists or waist of the figure as well – for example the thrown bucket of night soil from the boy’s bedroom window is glued to the maid’s wrists and there’s a hole in the bucket for one of her thumbs to be thrust through. I suppose I could wire them and stick an extension of the wire up his shift sleeves? I’ll try the glue including clothing first, I think, as the wire idea might create rotating objects, tipping over under their own weight!

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean 1:12 dolls house blog - the infill dolls house blog – getting a figure to 'hold' an object

Cruelly clothes pegging the float to plasterer’s hand and cuff

Job so far

It’s too soon to say whether the figure will ‘grasp’ the items as the glue is still drying, but the objects themselves might do the job. However, if he can’t hold them then it will be back to the drawing board with the objects in order to create one that can be incorporated into the kneeling figure adequately.

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean 1:12 dolls house blog - the infill dolls house blog – home-made cardboard tub of plaster

So far the tub has not collapsed and the wood filler and triple gloss seem to be drying out.

Must pop back to the ‘potting shed’ and release those clothes pegs from the hod before they become a permanent fixture.

Oh, and I think that plasterer may need a short ladder.


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