An energy pick-me-up


What? No photos?

I gain great enjoyment from ploughing on with this one major project with the odd side one thrown in, but sometimes, when things go very wrong, the brain power goes phut and the will power goes blah and you’re left with a cart load of what can politely best be described as a cloud of negative energy floating around. The more you try to solve a problem the worse it gets.

Time to bring on the ideas tickler

To gain distance and a little perspective there’s a number of things that I find useful:  a visit to the bathroom surprisingly helps, or more traditionally, a walk out in the hills.  However my favourite is to is to stagnate in front of the computer and trawl through the web, visiting various sites, and usually not ones to do with miniaturing. I might visit fabric establishments, ironmongers, timber merchants, electronics suppliers happily grazing through the shapes, colours, movement within the shapes and colours – you get the general idea. It’s the raw and semi finished materials that I find most interesting. I really enjoy the materials themselves; the professionalism with which they are prepared designed and then made into other ‘things’.

Very often just a little something on at least one of these pages will set my ideas off in an explosive manner with sparks flying all over the place.

Giving it time to stew

The idea needs nursing. I like to squirrel the odd one away, all the while keeping my eye out for other things around and about which might be related or might supplement the ingredients in the cauldron that’s bubbling away.

Thus my most recent refreshing web trawl has brought me to think about 1:48 scale work. I know, I can barely manage 1:12 but I’m thinking about only very small amounts of a very small scale and I might settle for 1:24. It’s a ‘little treasure’ idea I suppose, if you’ll forgive the slightly sugary image.

It’s done it’s work

But now I am re-energised and raring to go back to the monster model and on the way I’ve had some really chuckle-making thoughts and ideas. More of those at some future date – should they come to fruition.

And if they don’t? Well, the energy boost worked, I really enjoyed the ideas shooting around and I’m still enjoying the ride on the developing thoughts and the exploration of them, making links with different materials and trying to discriminate between the possible and the impossible.

Meanwhile – a little sharing.

Pear Tree Miniatures are always mind-blowingly beautiful but have you seen their 1:24 and 1:48 furniture?

And are you acquainted with the Dutch seventeenth century perspective peep-show models? (I do apologise if, like me, you suffer from benign positional vertigo – there may well be only so much of these that you can take but they are amazing.)

Have you visited Ceynix Miniature Trees? Superb!

Tulsa Tiny Stuff is great fun too and very varied.



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