On a message from our ‘sponsors’


‘Tis the season

I find the activity of miniaturing a highly enjoyable discipline.  I do it because I think it is, to some extent, good for me too.

Now it’s that time of year again when the blog hosts wish to share the stats they record with their bloggers  – and to drive them on to do more of the blogging.  Generally to foster a more entrepreneurial and competitive spirit.


Sorry to say this blog is really an incidental to the ‘doing’ of the miniatures; an offshoot as it was: a keeping of a mildly coherent record of the aforementioned ‘doings’ in fact and, yes, I admit, a bit of whistling in the dark too.  Perhaps.

As you may have gathered the stats are just not my thing. And as for the winding up to better and greater …

And yet, and yet, there is a wee bitty temptation to at least have a look at what they have to show.

Just a little peek …

So, having looked, allow me to say a very big thank you to all readers and passing visitors who have dropped by in the last few years and I do truly hope you’ve had as much enjoyment from it all as I have.

Your sharing with me has been very much appreciated.

May I wish you and yours a very healthy, happy and manageable coming year with only pleasant surprises in store.


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