Which one, which one?


Which coffer?

Took various areas of the workroom apart this morning trying to lay my hands on the other coffer/chest that’s been lying around awaiting for me to finish its make-over. Have I found it? Have I fishhooks!

It was first prepped back in November 2012.  And how do I know that?  Because I blogged about the two I did finish at that date, but the third never got finished at that time.  There’s a moral in that somewhere.

Meantime I titivated another one. And, of course, now I don’t know which to use of the two I’ve got to hand or whether to pin my hopes on finding the disappearing one.

You’re going to ask what the real problem is, aren’t you. Well, our colour printer no longer works and the missing coffer (which no doubt will turn up in its own good time) had some excellent images inside it already printed out and begging to be stuck to it. All from sections of medieval paintings or tapestry showing parts of buildings. And I do so like the medieval approach to the painting of buildings. The little images would look more to scale than the ones glued to today’s offering, that’s for sure.

Don’t have to plump for one in particular quite yet as there’s still another wall to be built before little people with their furniture start falling from a great height, not to mention great holes in the roof next to the bed area. But I’m thinking on it.


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