Best laid plans


Hopping from foot to foot

and looking forward to getting both on the ground together at some point but at this stage every drying area in the work room is clogged with traffic and it is threatening to take over the work-surface too.

Time to short-circuit the ‘plan’. Not throw it away by any means but look along the timeline and see what can be worked on ‘backwards’ as it were.

What’s to do then?

The main feature of this room is the bed – although in an attic, it is to be a slightly grandiose bed, made from scrap bits of carved and moulded strip-wood.

(It’s not your eyes watering on that last photo, just a bad pic, sorry)

The bed is at the very back of the room, about 12″ (30 cms) from the viewer); possibly too far away?

I’m building it in situ as part of the main building and the removable section, whose bits and pieces are the ones in various stages of drying, docks with it.

Just have to see how it goes.

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