Covering the skeleton


Frameworks – diary entry

Filling in the dormer

Recently I’ve written about working on a skeletal framework but never expanded on what I’m talking about.  So here goes.

Throughout the model/dolls’ house I’ve used balsa or white-wood strip-wood as though I was doodling on paper but in a 3D manner, building a shape/framework of my ideas and plans.

The whole structure gets lighter as it goes upwards.  At the base and the first floor above it the external walls are MDF recovered from second-hand room boxes with an occasional thick card or foamboard interior wall or two.

By the time you get to the third level almost all the walls are thick card or foamboard used to brace a balsa and/or white wood skeletal framework with many added layers of strip-wood offering further rigidity. Many walls are double layered with a wiring space running inside the skeletal framework within the walling sandwich.

The roof slopes are infilled with foamboard which, in the above photos, has 2 mm white painted card glued to its inner surface as basic decoration.  Any foamboard or card that’s used for outer walls has the white on the inner and the salmon painted card on the outer.  In both cases various extra timbers are usually added to give a more detailed impression that there’s more to the structure and also strengthening the model generally.

(click on an image to view more clearly in full gallery, read the captions and reach the link for larger image – below right of each gallery image)

How ever hard I try …

Yes, that is a knitting machine hook for picking up stitches in the last photo – a very useful ‘fettling’ instrument, may I say.

That inner semi-party wall is to go in next I think as it isn’t directly going to touch the floor.  Then I must firm-up exactly where the lighting is going for this room as the floor must go in sooner rather than later.


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