What to do, what to do – I’ve painted self into a corner


Go with the flow

Story so far …

Gnashing of teeth and stamping of feet are all well and good if you want the tension and the exercise but it furthereth not the work at hand.

I’d given up months ago on the first roof idea and constructed all of the three front attic ‘bays’ as traditional gable end shapes.  I then rebelled and soon realised that there was no backtracking from the whole gable thing without major destruction and that was not going to be on the cards.  Oh no, no, no.

It wanted to be gable-ish so gable-ish it would be.

I wanted a flat dormer across the frontage, so a flat roofed dormer across the front it shall have.

Continuing the saga of the roof …

A sad tale of bizarrely creative woodwork
Is this a conservatory roof or what?

(click on an image to view more clearly in full gallery and reach the link for larger image – below right of each gallery image)

Well it’s in and it sort of just grew like that.  Am hoping that it will get more of a period look about it when the tiling and fancy bits are eventually added.

Taking a break from roofing and going for dressing the room I think next.


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