Woman at work – DANGER


Mind expansion being attempted

Vamp ’til ready

(Al Bowlly – click on heading above for link)

Oh woe is me! I’ve entrapped myself in the sorting out of a compromise built upon a compromise.  What I would like to build I’ve already stymied with previous construction and am not allowing self to knock down what I’ve built (other than the odd cross beam).  So my already thin hair is diminishing due to clutching and my teeth are being worn down by grinding, but am moving on!

As I’m still trying to get the old ‘noggin’ around the problems I’ve set myself and until there’s something to declare, here’s one of the images from a previous problem (thankfully resolved) to keep us going.  The dogs make me smile, and I quite like the lighting in the photo too.

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean 1:12 dolls house blog - the infill dolls house blog – own construction of the Arnoflini portrait room

Arnolfini bedroom from the van Eyck painting

Will report back ASAP – promise 😎

Meaning of the term ‘vamp til ready


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