A question of perspective


The story of a shorty

I try to take into account that the view of what I’m a-building should be a comfortable height for the average standing viewer, i.e. someone over five foot two.  But there are some days when my actual point of view (nearly six inches shorter) is the one I’m going to use to make my planning judgements.

The setting of a stage

All these photos are viewable as galleries.

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Where was I up to

What had I got to lose by ripping it all up?  Very little.  I already didn’t like it much and, if in hacking it about it becomes unusable it could at least stand in as a template for the next one.

Back to the drawing board

Possibilities (2)

Here we go again

I think I’ll probably go with this design.  Going for it is that it’s repeatable and I’ll need to make some for the right-hand side of the building too, I think.  Against is that it does have quite a number of little bits, but they seem fairly manageable and also repeatable.

It seems the next thing is a little sticking down of what needs a-sticking and a further, hopefully matching-(ish) panel for round the corner on this side of the house.  Then on with the ‘leads’ as a removable box type lid for covering the lighting controls and wire runs.  The idea is to make it fit fairly snuggly within the bounds of these new panels.


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