Chimney pot fantasies


Thar she blows!

(whaling reference)

There should probably be four pots to this chimney because of all the hearths attached at this point, but I’m going with the two.

However, low down where I stand and view from, the newly gussied up chimney pots are almost invisible.  I have to walk quite a long way back to see much of them.

The pots need to be taller and so I’ve spent some of the morning working on just that.

Beware wet undercoat and rough edges


The undercoat is Mod Podge spread thickly and the burnt sienna acrylic paint added whilst everything is still very wet, thereby combining the two and producing a burnt sienna glue coating.


I think the extension and general look might work (with a little stretching of disbelief thrown in for good measure) but the shape could do with a further wrapping of string or something similar just at the join between circular and poly sided sections.  (By the way, the wrapping on the bottom section is a light-weight upholstery braid with ric-rac built in.)

Then we’ll be into overcoats of paint/pastels etc to give it the usual over-handled look I do seem to favour so much 😉



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