A very hands on fortnight


On the way to a chimney

A meeting of confuddlements
making an intense and slow process

Process 1: A different removable panel

00_4077 panel in upper chimney beginning

Stonework section of left side chimney with its removable panel in place

Who am I kidding

A large section of the chimney stack from just about half way up the stonework on this side of the house has to be removable to gain access to the last run of heavily clustered wiring heading this way. However I’ve left only sufficient access for bulb replacement, some under-floor wiring sections so new wire lengths can be spliced in at certain points and amendments available over the last foot or so of wire run to the power sockets. Otherwise when any locked in runs of wire ‘dies’ it will have to stay dead.

Between times

I’ve added bits of wall and beams to this face of the building and extra surface sealing with clear acrylic paint. A surface for the upper-upper shaped chimney to sit on (brick section to come) had to be built and, at the other lower end, the fixed section of the stonework needed an edging adding too.

Gussying up a chimney pot or two

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean 1:12 dolls house blog - the infill dolls house blog – dressing up standard small chimney pots

I’ve got some of these smallish 1:12 chimney pots and have wrapped the ribbon insert round twice and painted over with burnt sienna. They now look like headless Daleks?


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