Ins and outs – fourth wall – girl’s bedroom


A tale of opening and closing walls

This room has never had a removable closing wall made for it because of various problems and now is the time to have a go.

(click on an image to view gallery and read longer captions, also reach the link for larger image – just below right of gallery)

Internal face and views

It has to match in a little at the very least.

External face and views

And this must sort of blend in with what’s around.

The two window walls of the girl’s bedroom

Now does the new wall externally ‘go’ with the first wall?

The problem

Most of the opening walls for viewing the rooms in the house are sliders fitting into grooves. The grooves stand proud of the surface of the wall. This is fine in a house that can get bigger as it goes up, adding to the jetted look. The fourth wall of the girl’s bedroom is down one of the sides and I don’t think I can afford to let the building get wider here. I’ve gone for an interference fit (like the boy in the window section at ground level), then at least if it stands out from the surface a little it can be removed easily, leaving the width at that point as it was before it was added.

Looking like an eccentric wooden scaffolding

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean 1:12 dolls house blog - the infill dolls house blog – work so far with girl's bedroom 4th wall in

An ‘orrible’ lot of wood


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