Progressing and assessing


Small room, big model/house

Working with my nose up against it

In trying to match in the current section of the outside of the house with the back half ‘prepared a little earlier’, I have made two assumptions: looking similar would be good and that I was standing at the correct angle when assessing placement of wood bits. Bad workman blames his tools and all that, but I should have realised that the only available space, scrunched up against the monstrous construction, was not the best view-point when assessing results.

Those new diagonals need to go:  they don’t add anything by looking similar to the previous one and they are just wrong.

In an attempt to echo some of the other external decorations, I’ve turned to faux plaster-work with an impressed pattern of ivy leaves (see upper great hall, boy in the window and other work on the externals).  Might look OK but there’s no real way to know until it is dry and can be coloured in a little.  Here’s hoping.

The house surface under the clay is thinly shmeared with Fast Tack Tacky glue, the clay well packed in place and, when the clay is a little dryer, I will shmear a little PVA on the surface to reduce cracking and warping a little.  So far there’s not been any major problems when following this routine on other areas, but there’s always a first time.

I made the panel the full length available and realised that it should have a divider after the event.  The current double beading one might do the trick.  If it all dries and colours up OK, but the divider still looks too small I can make the plaster each side of it a little darker to kid the eye along, perhaps.


Small challenge to self

When baking something like, I don’t know, scones perhaps, do you ever have left a little bit of the mix which isn’t quite enough to make a full-sized one more?  When I break/cut off any air-drying clay, I often find myself with just such a piece and like to use it in that session if possible and today there was a small ball of it which I just couldn’t throw away.

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Another shield always comes in handy

So to cheer myself up I set myself the challenge of decorating a plaque or shield with what I was wearing or had immediately to hand.

The zip teeth on the left are on the messy gillet I’m wearing (don’t have the heating turned on yet) and the press stud bits were on the work bench next to me waiting to be sorted into the odds and ends drawer.  The shield as shown here will need trimming and sanding and painting when dry, but it was a fun way to use up the make-weight  😉


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