Outdoor work ahoy!


Catching up with myself

Usually when I’ve finagled the time to set about mini-ing I have a specific aim in mind. Currently, because of the restricted space and the drying times, it’s been a drop of work here and a blob there.

The main aim with the attic had been to get the left front room done and dusted, more or less, and then work my way down the left side of the externals of the building matching in and adding the necessary bricks and plasterwork (whilst possibly including the missing walls to the girl’s bedroom and the long gallery). It would make a good opportunity to do a job with a little more elbow room. Working within the enclosed spaces and at odd angles has its own frustrations.

Wishful thinking

Instead I got myself so bogged down in the whys and wherefores of inverted T roof beams that I’ve been juggling them for days along with a silly positioned chimney breast placed at an angle and under the ridge at the back.

Some progress

Not to speak too soon, I may just have broken free of the bog. The chimney now goes to the ceiling and appears, more or less, to meet the roof slopes and the T beams have been spruced up or replaced and even added to. There are now walls to the middle attic (almost) and I’ve even spread out to make plans about the use of the right hand front attic space and the design of its built-in bed.  More regarding that later when I feel a little more confident about it.

So where’s the outside work?

There has been some work done on the externals. I’m working my way upwards with the mock ‘structural’ beam work and adding toothpick beam pinning here and there preparatory to infilling the spaces between with brick/stone/plasterwork etc as appropriate and trying to keep half an eye on what has gone before down this side and at the front edge that it meets.

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean 1:12 dolls house blog - the infill dolls house blog – left external side of construction

Checking beam runs and levels to get some of them to be a little consistent. Also going for some repeat of the layout generally

What more could a girl ask? Well it would have been nice to have done some more of the outer wall, don’t you think?


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