And a nibble at the next one


Got held up a little this week due to life and the other things so not a lot to show and tell.

Starting on the next attic bay

theinfill dolls house blog - another cardboard door

Colour shading in pastels on cardboard door number three

theinfill dolls house blog - open cardboard door and view through

Open cardboard door with view through to corridor and steps up to back room.

Card or wood for door?

I’m still trying to find a use for the doors I made four plus years ago when I started out and was too frightened to make anything else.  They are wood and, of their basic kind, they are nice doors but, having already made two card ones for this part of the house, the wood ones look out of place, so it was back to card for the third door and the others go back into storage 😦

Wall building from scraps

The wall the new door lives in is 3 mm card but I’ve now got more odd shaped bits than whole sheets and I have been reclaiming some of it.  I’ve found to-date that piecing together bits makes for a surprisingly strong and rigid structure when glued and sandwiched between outer layers.  I use thin card painted the chosen colour as facing on both sides of these ‘jigsaw’ walls and compress them under weights.  It all takes more drying time but I can report that if I have to cut into them when dry I have found them incredibly tough and strong.

I’ll try to put aside the foolish things of life and get down to work to make a better report next time 😉


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