… days later


Winging it

15_3742 dressed doorway

With the trays built and fitted with firm bases, building and sticking down can start.

I left off last time with the first, central ridge about to be measured up and added.

Trying to capture a repeatable process

Because of the gross inaccuracies of my work, I always waste or, more often, damage wood in trying things out. There are times when some items, such as roof beams, need to come in multiples and need to be as simple and easy to make as possible and also be adaptable to any small variations as required. It takes time for me to work out the possibilities and make some sort of decision.

Going with the skeleton

I swear I’ve developed a permanent scowling frown from trying to work out this roofing 😉

Tasting angles and shapes

I tried a triangle along the length to make the ridge point, building a couple of possibilities but neither of them was really satisfactory. In the end, I left the central, squared ridge beam and have cut a shape into the beams that meet it. If it were a real structure the cut profile would seriously compromise the strength of the beams, but as this is a 1:12 skeleton I’m hoping that the whole thing will hold together, even if it means adding the usual sky hooks.


There’s going to be a large number of ridges meeting making many valleys between. If I build the wood framework then it should be easier to give it a more tailored skin covering and will certainly be easier to fake in as I go. (Thank goodness for the final tile layer.)

Working with fixed and moveable

The whole plan of having moveable front sections is only for use in any wiring emergency so as to be able to get to the long runs of wiring. The fun is trying to keep in mind what can be fixed to what, so that I don’t end up tying any part of the ‘moveables’ to the fixed half.

Central fixed dormer

Fantasy planning

Across the back there will be three dormers, two small and one large, all with ridges running from the back to central cross ridge. Left and right house lighting controls and will need some removable area to get at the gubbins underneath. The central, larger one is going to be fixed and its contents displayed via a cunning plan that I’m hatching. (see diagram in above collage)

I’m not at all sure that this is going to work but I do fancy trying it out first before moving on to a more sensible plan.


Whilst mulling over roof beams, angles and slopes, I’ve been dotting about doing other preparation and planning. There’s now a corridor space, a back fixed block with plans and pieces for its roof and some work done on one of the front sections. Walls have been built, floors covered (though one is seriously warped for some reason) and cardboard doors plus surrounds made. The electrics are roughly planned and laid out for the front sections and lights have been added to the back block and the corridor area between. There’s even a figure in the fixed block. The pigeon boy has found new employment as a plasterer.


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