Guesstimates and the draping of cardboard


Trying the same thing …

Protective coverings over the running wiring and work on the different floor levels are almost done. Current workings are on triangles – of, and in, varying dimensions. Not so clear that. Well, some are bigger than others, some are two-dimensional and some are three. It’s involved me and a calculator.  And all the triangles are for the roof.

Img_3617  sm gable on LG lge over girls room

Workings of the last five days – when I’ve not been mixing sand and cement and laying cobbles in wet mortar

Expecting a different outcome

(attributions various)

Dressmaking the roofing

I’ve looked at and played with this numerous times over the past two to three years and postings regarding it have mostly been binned they were so bad. These earlier attempts were both too half-hearted and far too top heavy.

The problem

This is a large area to cover both side to side and from back to front, so a single ridge is impossible and a couple of ridges ditto.

I looked at three ridges running from front to back as being the simplest, with dormers added along the sides runs. On the whole that would be the best solution but it would still leave an area (just behind the central left-right axis) where the head room would need to involve limbo dancing dolls for a figure to get from one side to the other.

So I’ve thought about it and dreamt about it, drawn it and cut out card bits and kept some of the bits that I thought might come in handy and then generally put off the whole thing by doing something else entirely – like the porch and the street outside.

Favoured parameters for the job

  • gable angles, dormer ridges to be less than ninety degrees
  • head room for workable/usable spaces in the attic
  • two to three bedrooms (for an adult couple, a couple of young boys and possibly for a live in tutor)
  • overall look to be more or less proportionate to the rest of the building

What I’ve been doing is not, strictly speaking dressmaking, so much as draping cardboard over the body shape of the attic to get an overall look, like designing a dress.  Today’s trawl through recent activity further illustrates my daftness over working on the roof.  In order to overcome the headroom probs I’ve added complexity again.

It’s still a mock up and I’ve used many of the bits from the last attempt whilst cannibalising others.  Results show a rough look for one side of the house and a little of the central area.

It’s hard to judge how much of this draping and taping can be used as an accurate template for the final run as, to make it easier to work on, the light-weight card I’m using distorts and moves a bit. It may prove necessary to build some of this first half to give a firmer section to work to.  But it might just be possible to work it out all the way round at least roughly before really getting down to the final build.

Img_3621  gables all

Looking along the side – two large dormers and a little one on this side’s lighting controls


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