Just a little more drying time


From here to there

I’ve tried to make as many items as possible but have bought in the greenery (4D Model Shop for the bush greenery and the grass clumps are from Tajima 1 Miniatures on Ebay), the basket for stacked washing by the drying bank (from Tiny Craft on Ebay) and the bucket balanced by the water pump (from Oak Tree Miniatures).  The magnificently detailed washtub and the two other wonderful buckets are from Ashwood DesignsAll other items, including longer grass tussocks, tiles and slabs, hillock, hurdles, sheep, dolls, linens drying on the wall and hanging in and on buckets, are homemade.  The water effects vary according to where they’ve been added – the thick triple glaze gloss for a lot of it, a gloss clear acrylic on some of the textiles and Vallejo Textured Water to add rough bits near the pump, though the Oak Tree Miniatures bucket came with ‘water’ in it.

Round and round the garden

Sploshing and Splooshing

A wash day story

So that’s it.  Mostly finished, just waiting for some of the water effects to finally dry out completely.  Perhaps another week?

Now it’s back to fixing the things I haven’t finished to-date.  Yippee!


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