Down to the nitty-gritty


Can’t put it off any longer

Bringing things together – at last

Most of the bits and bobs and the various elements of the outdoor layout have been prepped and I’ve mulled and stewed ideas and possibilities to a soggy mush in my head, so it’s crunch time.

(as usual if you click image to open the gallery and read the captions you can also get to the link – down to the right of gallery – for a slightly larger image)

I feel better now …

An intense and sticky work session today.  One of those jobs once started you mustn’t stop.  What do I need to tell you?

  • The tiles are Creative Paperclay (white) or the Staedtler terracotta.  The terracotta warped horribly but the paperclay stayed flat
  • I’ve used newspaper strips and glue twisted up around the bases of the hurdles and hedge etc to eventually represent earth/mud/grass areas
  • The twigs are bits of herb cuttings that were lying around and cut and trimmed to need
  • Oh, yes, the odd elastic band was used to hold the bits of hurdle in place till the glue dried and may still be visible in the photos – well spotted that man
  • The only thing still drying is the newspaper papier-mache which is awaiting the shades of brown etc and then, when that paint is dry, I’ll tackle the tile slabs I think.

Quite pleased that it all actually came together OK and more than a little surprised too.


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