By way of an experiment


Yes, another one

Well, more than one

#1 – hands and shoulders

In making the newer figure heads I’ve been colouring the clay a flesh shade before using it rather than painting it after.  It just so happens that the painted plaster on the building turned out to be just the thing.

So far I’ve made two pairs of hands:

Both pairs as rough as old boots but they will have water effect and fabric in and on them so some of the finish should be concealed (fingers crossed).

Most of the shoulders have been made in clay as well, but for one figure I’m trying out a piece of pipe lagging.  If it works it might add more flexibility and it’s a darn sight easier to handle.

#2 – knees and toes

These washer women (yet to be completed) are probably doing the wash in buckets and a trough with a possible washtub on the side rather than large washtubs on a stand or trestle, and I would like to see at least one of them kneeling to the job.

Now, fully long skirted persons kneeling can be a doddle if you go for feet and a bit of calf but my fancy runs to having the figure with her skirt kilted up because of all the water sloshing about, which, of course, means a greater show of leg.

Well I thought I’d have a try.

And where is all this happening?

theinfill dolls house blog - the infill - Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean 1:12 dolls house - water trough and water pump

One pump, two troughs and some stones to bash the washing on. (Rough set-up on a work board at the moment)




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