Juggling the drying times


Four new strangers

Firstly hilarity and celebration and great relief all round as the internet is back to as fast as it gets round here.

Mix and match; a pinch of this a blob of that

On the workbench front

There are so many things needing drying time at the moment, most surfaces and shelf spaces are filled with balancing bits and bobs.  Starting another job which might fit in with that schedule within the limited working space I’d left myself just seemed fitting.

Heads – I’m back to heads

because it doesn’t take up much room for working or drying.

I’ve lost what little flow I had found working on the first bunch of figures and therefore it’s very much like starting from scratch again trying to build some technique and physical memory.

(click on an image to access the gallery and read the longer captions as well as getting to the link – just down to the right of gallery – for full size image)

And in other ‘news’ …

theinfill dolls house blog - Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean 1:12 dolls house – Porch working on the other side - building up the outside facade

New window for corridor

Slotted in the spaces between all the old and new drying times, here’s the progress on the window in the corridor.

Well, what do you know?  It turned out that a standard French window in 1:12 was a suitable height and width for the opening.  Hacked about (indeed butchered) it’s totally taken apart and reassembled into a well know phrase or saying.  It has produced a couple of panels (turned upside down) to fit in a little with the large sitting room next to it.  The panels produce an area for adding  similar trim whilst leaving a glazing area of a suitable size above.  The top halves of the original opening doors and bits of the outer frame not needed on the journey have been stashed away for rainy day use.

Beginning to look as though it might work and fit in.  It still needs the wall building up, further trim and a slider adding, not to mention some squaring off of the whole opening.  It’s just the handy size of job that’s needed whilst everybody else settles down and dries out.



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