Twigs and things

(Click on a photo you will be able to read the longer captions and down towards the right of each image in the gallery there’s a link to enlarge it.)

(The photo of the three materials in ‘View full size’ shows how bright the willow pieces are at the moment, even though they’ve been darkened a little.  They will dry out to a grey and black/brown colour – eventually)

It’s been a busy few days domestically but this afternoon I made time to sit and investigate the possibilities of hurdles as part of the outdoor scene in front of the 1:12 house.  I’d been trimming this year’s growth of the live willow pieces in our garden arch and wondered if there was something I might usefully do with them, other than plant them to get more willows.

So now there’s two hurdle shapes made out of the few trimmings I’d kept back from the green waste, one in raffia and garden string and five in raffia by itself.  I’d forgotten just how sharp-edged the raffia can be, even when not handling it roughly, and I’ve ended the day with the odd band-aid as a fashion statement.

Am still pondering which of the hurdles to use at the front – to mix them or to keep them all the same material.   Any not used will be very useful in the kitchen outbuildings area when I eventually get round to building them.

It’s just possible that I may need to catch a couple of 1:12 sheep to go in the projected enclosure.

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