Pogo stick-style working


Lots of jumping around

Interim Report

theinfill dolls house blog - Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean 1:12 dolls house – Porch working on the other side - building up the outside 'street'

Overview across frontage of porch of mud and run-off now in place

(as usual with gallery below, you can click on the first image to open up to  read the labels in full and also click to enlarge at below right of gallery window)

Under the boy in the window

I’ve never been clear what this area under the window represents.  Some fantasy or other but still can’t pin a name to it.  So what’s to do when dressing it up so that it melds in?  I don’t think I want to fill it in so all I could come up with that left it free to be still removable and not filled was to add more of the same as down the side of the porch.  There was some logic to a little flowing water (but coming from where exactly????) dropping into the only formal drainage there is and flowing onwards.

Could also have done with some other shapes and heights for the greenery to make it look more random and less formal.  Am playing with the idea of making/acquiring a water supply/pump with trough at or near that point which would at least explain away the draining water other than what is being thrown into the street.

Bits done but not a lot to show?

A short week of waiting whilst ‘things’ dry before being able to move on. Whether it’s newspaper glued in ridges, thick gloss glaze in channels, layerings of paint or your basic glue, they all take their own sweet time. Multiple tasks all needing the time and space to settle and dry.

Eventually I ran out of work surface or a clear area of floor where the bits could quietly do their thing in peace. It makes for a hazardous journey across from the door to the work-bench, avoiding the resting items, keeping elbows well in. Photos should be taken of anyone attempting this feat and then filed under Ministry of Silly Walks.

They’ve also been days of more steep learning curves for me, the only exception is playing with bits of newspaper and glue.  Ah, sweet memories of doing this at school, and so I slide, somewhat stickily, right back into it, plodging away to make lovely mucky mountains and lumps and ridges, trying for the shapes I want.  Yummy, there’s so much more or this to do, though this time I might use some air-drying clay paste as well.

Air drying clay paste recipe



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